Saturday, February 27, 2010


This year, style is all about you. Whether you love the Preppy look, or Hollywood starlet is your thing, you won’t be completely dressed without your fashion sunglasses.

There’s a big difference between fashion sunglasses and designer sunglasses, so your budget doesn’t need to take a hit! Some of the coolest styles and colors can be found in your local mass retailers or drug stores for under . At prices like this, you can afford to make all sorts of statements!

Tired of the plain old black glasses you’ve been wearing since your tween was in day care? Try a pair in bright red with art deco ear pieces. Now add some red lipstick, perhaps a set of stylish clip on sunglasses, and your tween might even want to start hanging out with her hot mom! Too spicy for you? Choose a slim pair in tan with gold speckles on the side. Even these can take you to work each day, no matter what you do for a living!

Have you ever bought three of the same skirts or Tshirts because you love the style? You can do the same thing with fashion sunglasses. If you find a pair you love, see if they come in different colors and get one for every outfit you own.

Sunglasses of yesteryear just weren’t made to last. Typically made of all plastic, a few little bumps could turn them into a pile of junk. Even the lenses were so soft that a scrape with a finger nail could do serious damage. On top of that, there was no proactive coating or UV protection.

Today the fashion sunglass industry has a new philosophy. All sunglasses should protect the wearer against UV rays, and now almost all sunglass do come with at least UV protection if not refractive lenses. An interesting note of comparison here is that the expensive designer sunglasses and eyeglasses lines don’t normally come with UV protection! Yes, you can spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of designer glasses and get…. Nothing!

Still trying to find to fit well? Don’t give up. Cheap doesn’t need to be uncomfortable. Even though these glasses can’t be measured to fit you personally, manufacturers will usually make each style in a few different sizes. Keep trying them on. You’ll find the perfect pair!

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